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Raise Your Glass

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The coupling of tequila with tarot readings is no coincidence.  To understand Dave is to know that uniqueness and connectivity is a way of life.  So how does this eclectic pairing transcend into the spiritual world?  Let's have a look:

  • Tequila is made from the blue agave plant which is a go to choice for celiac sufferers.  Similiarily, those suffering from toxic thoughts, negativity or just stuck in life choose these readings to release their own sufferings.

  • Minimal hangover symptoms are experienced with tequila consumers.  Readings will NEVER leave you with that regretful feeling; quite the opposite.

  • Tequila is known to numb pain. Card readings involve no pain and in fact Dave makes it a point to interpret readings with a positive spin.

  • Lastly, some have said it cures the common cold.  Tarot readings may not have this medicinal attribute, but is known to cure stagnation of the mind.

"Drinking Tequila is more about the journey than the destination"- Rainbow Rowell

So grab that perfect glass, get some ice, grab your most flavorful tequila, and relax while your journey begins with the tarot cards leading the way.

* Note: Tequila does NOT have to be a prerequiste nor consumed during readings.  Merely a business model to demonstrate a new twist to a past delivery of readings.

What's your religion?

Growing up Dave did not prescribe to a particuliar religion which led him to his love of Astrology.  Looking to decipher life as he knew it, this passion helped him make sense of things around him. With each shuffling of the cards, more clarity arose and "his new religion" was founded.  He could draw from this religion anywhere, anytime with his trusty deck close by.  

"Dave Ross"

Tarot card reader & Tequila connoisseur

On the Rocks

To know Dave is to know that he is an unique

individual who looks at things differently.  This


is quite apparent in the coupling of his two passions: tequila and tarot cards.  Having been drawn to astrology during his college years, this lent itself to the exploration of "adult" beverages and tequila became his go to concotion.Could it be his family lineage to the New Mexico/Arizona area or the sensation experienced with each sip of tequila that has grabbed his attention to this agave drink?  One will never know, however all these experiences had molded him into the reader he is today. 

Have You Two Met?

Whether you have had a reading in the past or have always been curious about the process, Dave understands the possible fear, apprehensions, or disbeliefs many may have.  He is NOT a psychic, NOT a medium, NOT an energy healer just an EMPATH who can interpret the cards laid out before you with a sense of positivity, empowerment, and clarity.  He has taken the "unease" of readings away with his welcoming smile, calming voice, and compassionate aura.  Come experience this journey with each sip(or not) and you will soon see what everyone is "cheering" to.


"Dave has an unbelievable ability to read cards and connect them with the person he is reading.  I have had many cards read many times by him.  Many of my friends have also been read by him.  Everyone walks away amazed by his unique talent.  He is a wonderful spiritual person."

Heather B.

"Dave's readings are spot on!  My girlfriend and I went and heard information that was right on key to our lives at this point.  So much so that my friend didn't think mine made sense since she didn't have all the information behind my responses to the cards.  Dave's readings gave me clarity on a very wearisome situation in a fun way. 

Susan G.

"Dave is the real deal!  His interpretation of the cards inin the reading he did for me was insightful, spot on, and educational.  His reading gave me a different and welcomed perspective to a situation I am dealing with.  I look forward to the next reading with Dave."

David D.