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Raise Your Glass

Tarot and Tequila (Tarot guide and Cocktails) and the Sugar Skull Tarot  on sale now!!! You can find them many places, even on Amazon, get yours now!

The coupling of tequila with tarot readings is no coincidence.  Both of these things I have a passion for and being a Leo (Fire Sign) I'm all about the passion.

I have been reading tarot cards for over 25 years and the one thing I love more than reading cards is teaching others how to read. Leo's make ok learners but exceptional teachers, go figure...

  • Please do not think that you need to have Tequila to fully enjoy your tarot reading experience with me.

  • Please do not think I need to be drinking tequila to do a tarot reading. 

  • Tarot & Tequila are simply two things that make me smile and I hope if you have a reading with me it'll make you smile too.

"Drinking Tequila is more about the journey than the destination"- Rainbow Rowell

So if you are so inclined, grab that perfect glass, get some ice, grab your most flavorful tequila, and relax while your journey begins with the tarot cards leading the way.

What I believe...

I grew up without any one particular religion, however I fully support them all.   

If I had to choose one particular book that explains what I believe, it would be "Journey of Souls," by Michael Newton.

I believe we are all a part of something much bigger than ourselves and I hope you let me show you what I mean.

"Dave Ross"

Tarot card reader & Tequila connoisseur

A little about my reading style...

I don't believe that there are any bad tarot cards. I believe Tarot has the potential to help us grow, if you let it.


I understand the possible fear, apprehensions or even disbeliefs many may have about tarot cards and the beliefs I hold dear.  I am NOT a psychic, Not a medium, Nor an energy healer. I'm an intuitive empath who can interpret the cards laid out before me with a sense of positivity, empowerment, and clarity.  Let me take the "unease" of readings away. Come experience this journey with each sip(or not) and you will soon hopefully have a whole new view about our spiritual world.


"Dave has an unbelievable ability to read cards and connect them with the person he is reading.  I have had many cards read many times by him.  Many of my friends have also been read by him.  Everyone walks away amazed by his unique talent.  He is a wonderful spiritual person."

Heather B.

"Dave's readings are spot on!  My girlfriend and I went and heard information that was right on key to our lives at this point.  So much so that my friend didn't think mine made sense since she didn't have all the information behind my responses to the cards.  Dave's readings gave me clarity on a very wearisome situation in a fun way. 

Susan G.

"Dave is the real deal!  His interpretation of the cards inin the reading he did for me was insightful, spot on, and educational.  His reading gave me a different and welcomed perspective to a situation I am dealing with.  I look forward to the next reading with Dave."

David D.

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