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Learning to Interpret Tarot, A Quick Lesson

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Let's take a look at the Queen of Cups and the Eight of Wands.

Remember - Your interpretation is always based off the question being asked.

Let's interpret this for a love reading (more fun).

1) The Queen could represent the person you're reading for and when that fast paced 8 of Wands crosses her, we could expect her love life to pick up a little speed, give the person more options and get swept away in that emotional Queen of Cups energy.

2) Always remember what your empathy is telling you! If the person is emotionally charged and their energy is screaming to be in a relationship, then these cards speak for themselves. The Querent will manifest this energy on their own.

3) The cards could also mean, that for whomever you are reading, could be in the midst of emotional personal change and maybe the answer is to keep busy or get away for a bit, or that their new love may be a bit of distance away and they are planning a meet up.

The Tarot Take Away...

Tarot is an interpretive tool.

In combination with your own empathy, intuition and lateral thinking,

your answer to the querent's riddle will rise up from behind the veil.

Take a peak!

Tarot and Tequila

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